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Although it seems lie, exist multitude of pages dedicated to the sand collections. That yes, most of them of the United States and in english.
With patience, I have been compiling some of the directions of the pages that have been to me more interesting.

Outside Spain we can go to: y
although it is not updated gives envies by the bench mark that contains and belong to arenophile webring.
From here we can be connected with the International Society of Collectors of diverse Sand as well as to page of the departments of Geology of some university . It provides, also, manifold connect. The page of the Society the International of Sand Collectors is, from United Sates.

Another Sand-collector pages collected by Daniel Helbers

Bjarne Oddane, Norway 
Celestino Quirici ("Sand-Tino"), Switzerland
Christopher Maslon, South Korea
Dave Lane, UK
Daniel Helbers

Davide Rovelli, Italy
Dennis le Corre, France
Duisburger Sandsammlung, Germany
Elke Wittich, Germany
Fanny, Belgium
Frank Winger, Germany
Ger Geerets, Netherlands
Guri Mazanti, Denmark
Hans Luef, Austria
Jack Lapaire, Switzerland
Jan Boonstra, South Korea
Jane Carlson-Pickering, USA
Jean-Luc, France
Jean Monnet, France
Jean-Pierre and Charlette Seys, France
Karine Severe, France
Loes Modderman, Netherlands
Mário Marques, Portugal
Martin Wachsmann, Germany
Niklas Manz, USA / Germany
Paolo Beltramini, Italy
Pasadena City College, USA
Peter Tooten, Netherlands
Patrick Gély, France
Phil Poussin, France
Pieter Saupe, Germany
Renée Janssen, Netherlands
Sand-Museum Willich, Germany
Sandsammlung Köln, Germany
Sebastian Rizza, France
Serge Tkint ("Setki"), Belgium
Simone Zendrini, Italy
Stella Stenroos, Ireland
Sue Robinson, USA
The Virtual Sandbox Museum, Canada
Titan Kaikomi, France

In French, but this time of Canada,  it´s the page of Claude Girard, an enormous collection

The collection of the belgian Fanny, also it has a very important collection in is an interesting Dutch page that it´ve enough connections, and in Germany.

Finally in single Spain I have found to


I have located two forums in which all type of information can be changed, to make available sand interchange and to speak of all speakable on sands these they are:

Separate mention, in the illustration of sands and the beaches in which they were gathered is worth the trouble to name and to express my enormous gratefulness to by the guide whom it has provided to me nonsingle for my collection but also to choose my vacations.

A very good page where to obtain fundamentally naturistas beach data and places he is, as its name indicates, in which I have found a very good beach guide of Spain and Portugal as well as a warm refugee

In order to finalize you can visit a page that teaches all the beautiful one that can be done with the sand




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